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What’s music without freedom? Get rid of the hassles and hazards of cables on stage and in your rehearsal space with our AirBorne Instrument set. With a radius of up to 35 metres and up to four hours of performance time, this reliable companion uses the 5.8 GHz standard to give you a new lease of freedom with your instrument, with less interference with your Wifi or other equipment. This complete set includes a transmitter and receiver with rechargeable 450 mAh lithium battery and accompanying USB charging cable. Set up is incredibly easy: Plug the transmitter into the instrument and start playing! With four selectable frequencies, you can assign up to four musicians their own channel without getting in each other's way. Experience the freedom of wireless!


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  • digital wireless system suitable for most instruments with 6,35mm jack plug
  • plug-n-play transmitter & receiver
  • 5.8GHz band (5.725~5.820GHz)
  • 24 bit/48KHz
  • 4 channels
  • transmission range up to 35 meter
  • latency less than 5,6ms
  • integrated rechargeable 450mAh lithium battery
  • battery run time up to 4 hours (depends on operating situation)
  • recharging time < 2 hours
  • ), LED indicator for battery status, ID status & parring status
  • rotatable 225?angle jack plug for different positions
  • included duo pin USB cable for easy charging
  • dimensions 90x40x32 mm
  • weights: 50 gram
  • not compatible with active electric guitar pickups

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