PA-250 Power Attenuator

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Harness the delicious tones of tube amps while keeping volume manageable with the GA-250 Power Attenuator. You know the situation: the tubes on your old amp are glowing, you’re getting the singing sustain, sweet crunch and thrilling dynamics! But your cranked amp is uselessly loud for playing at home, rehearsing or smaller gigs. Enter the GA-250: Complete control over your amp’s volume, with impressive routing options and affordable price point to boot. With features you’d expect of an expensive rackmount attenuator rolled into a compact, accessible package, this is essential gear for owners of tube amps.


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  • play your tube-amp at high output level for optimal performance but at reduced volume
  • can be used as dummy load
  • useful tool for rehearsal
  • live performance and direct recording without compromising the original character and feel of the amplifier
  • 6 steps of power reduction
  • ?Fine? adjustment control for the -15dB option
  • input wattage up to 250 watts
  • LED with overload function
  • onboard silent fan cooling
  • 8/16 Ohms option
  • speaker out
  • line output with adjustable level control
  • low impedance XLR DI out. Works without power supply
  • but the aux power option can be used in order to make the fan and light run stable
  • regardless of the power from the amp. Dimensions 235 x 178 x 88 mm
  • weight 2
  • 67 kg

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