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A modern tabletop amplifier bristling with features to take practicing the guitar into the 21st century! Modelling classic amps and boutique effects, our AirBorne Go includes a wireless connector for hassle-free practice sessions. Stream music from your mobile device to play along with, launch the built-in drum machine or metronome to practice your chops. You can even recharge the battery on the wireless plug via the USB connector on the amp! And there’s more: the Airborne iOS and Android app lets you tweak your amp, edit sounds, play with drum patterns and a whole lot more. AirBorne Go is a one-stop practice workstation for guitar, with great sounds and an impressive price.


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Harley Benton Airborne Go - Wireless Modeling Guitar Amp - Demo/Review
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  • ideal for electric guitars
  • 3 watts RMS power
  • 1x3" speakers
  • wood cabinet
  • 12 digital post effects (phaser-chorus-tremolo-vibe--delay1-delay2-delay3-delay4-room-hall-plate-spring)
  • 3 modern & classic guitar amplifier models (clean-od-dist)
  • drum machine & metronome with 9 patterns
  • integrated Harley Benton airborne instrument 2,4ghz wireless plug-n-play transmitter & receiver system (transmitter can recharge with amp's USB port)
  • bluetooth 4,2 dual mode connectivity
  • controls: input bluetooth receiver button, gain knob, volume knob, tone knob, delay/reverb knob, channel button, drum knob, drum style button, tap button
  • connectors: input jack, aux/line-in, headphones, 9V DC jack (Comes with 9V/1A adaptor)
  • indicators: bluetooth led indicator, power led indicator, receiver channel LED indicator
  • dimension: l x w x h 220mm x 114mm x 155mm
  • weight: 1,34 kg
  • included accessories: manual and usb cable
  • free Harley Benton airborne go mobile app for android & ios devices (Mighty Amp App)
  • be aware that some features and functions open only via the Harley Benton airborne go app. Developed in collaboration with Nux.

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